Both State and the Federal governments have numerous statutes covering a wide range of sexual activities that are considered illegal. Indecent exposure, consensual sex with a minor, sexual battery on a child, child pornography, date rape, sexual assault, and solicitation or enticement of a child are just a few of the many charges that are considered sexually related offenses. Almost every conviction for a sexual related offense includes placement on a sex offender registry, in some cases for life, that permanently darken a person’s reputation. Even just a formal allegation of a sex offense can ruin a person’s personal life and career.

These cases must be thoroughly investigated and zealously defended. The stigma of a sexual allegation can never be used against you and we make sure that the playing field is level. Interviewing witnesses and alleged victims, examining physical evidence and having psychological tests performed are just a few of the means used to map out a clear strategic plan to defend our clients.

Another aspect of sexual related crimes involves people who have already been convicted and are on probation or must register as sex offenders. Sex offenders on probation in the state of Florida are required to wear GPS monitoring devices that frequently malfunction. False alerts and failure of the devices to properly communicate with the system have forced people to call their probation officers and report where they are or stop what they’re doing and go outside and walk around, regardless of where they are, what they are doing or what time of day or night it is. Many cities and counties have created their own statutes that restrict where a registrant can live or even frequent, making it difficult to understand where one can even go without fear of violating the law.

Patrick Trese understands the difficulties these issues create. Challenging the constitutionality of local ordinances or questioning the accuracy of technology is important in making sure that offenders are well defended and their rights are not being violated.