Financial crimes are prosecuted on both state and federal levels, usually dependent on the number of people or the amount of money involved or the scale of the operation. A single individual creating counterfeit checks or writing fake prescriptions would most likely be charged by the state, while a group of people committing credit card fraud in an organized manner or the employees of a company involved in mortgage fraud would be prosecuted by the federal government.

Regardless of agency investigating or bringing charges in relation to the alleged actions, financial crimes are zealously prosecuted by both the state and federal government. Lengthy prison sentences, burdensome fines including full restitution and loss of professional licenses are just some of the penalties that can be imposed by the courts.

State Crimes

Writing Worthless Checks

Uttering a Forged Instrument

Manufacture / Possession of FalseĀ IDs

Possession of Counterfeiting Materials

Stopping Payment with Intent to Defraud

Illegal Access / Destruction of Computer Records

Manufacture / Possession of Counterfeit Prescription Blanks

Federal Crimes

Identity Theft

Insurance Fraud

Health Care Fraud

Mail or Wire Fraud

Money Laundering

Large Scale Credit Card Schemes

Financial Institution / Mortgage Fraud

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